North South Ministerial Council: travel restrictions to top agenda


A meeting of the North South Ministerial Council is due to meet in Dublin later today for the first time since power-sharing was restored in Stormont.

The different Covid-19 travel restrictions between Northern Ireland and the Republic will be high on the agenda.

Mary Lou McDonald wants an all-Ireland approach to travel, saying 'we do it for animal health, why not human health'.

Last week a leaked letter from the Northern Ireland Health Minister, Robin Swann, to his counterpart Stephen Donnelly, also asked the government here to explore new laws and data-sharing agreements to track international travellers on the island.

The other major issue will be Brexit with officials here warning that households and businesses may not have the capability to withstand a second economic shock

With that in mind in a post-lockdown world, protecting the 85 billion euro trade link with Britain has taken on a new-found importance.