LUH has bed capacity of 391


The HSE has confirmed that Letterkenny University Hospital has a current capacity of 391 beds.

In a statement, CEO of the Saolta University Hospital Healthcare Group Tony Canavan confirmed to members of the Regional Health Forum West this week that they have created an additional 38 beds on two separate refurbished sites within the campus of Letterkenny University Hospital

Both Medical 6 and 7 at the hospital are now providing the extra bed capacity, bringing the total number of beds in the hospital to 391.

These additional beds are to provide the capacity to deal with potential increases in the number of suspected and confirmed COVID 19 cases.

The hospital has also sought approval for the additional staffing required to fully open these extra beds through the Winter Planning process.

However, according to the HSE's daily operations update, there are 24 available beds today at Letterkenny University Hospital and no critical care beds available.