Remote workers in Donegal gain extra 60 hours since lockdown

emote workers in Donegal have gained 60 hours of extra time by not having to commute since the beginning of lockdown.

The average commute time in the county was 22.1 minutes per journey and as the country has been in lockdown for 81 days since March 27th, Chill Insurance estimates that the average remote worker in Donegal has gained 60 hours.

Chill Insurance also revealed that one-third of people in Ireland have been using this extra time to prioritise their physical wellbeing. Their survey of over 360 people found that 31.5% of respondents said they used this time exercising.

18.5% of respondents also instead spent this time on entertainment, such as watching television or playing video games. Meanwhile, 16.3% used the time cooking and 12% on home improvement.