Ronan McLaughlin smashes Irish Everesting record on Mamore

Ronan McLaughlin & Sean McFadden

Donegal's Ronan McLaughlin has smashed the Irish Everesting record.

McLaughlin took on the challenge on Sunday where he rode Mamore Gap 64 times for a total of 9,200 metres.

He clocked a time of 8 hours 13 minutes which beat the record by 2 hours and 46 minutes set by Peter McLean two weeks ago in Wicklow.

The time would also be the fifth best in the world.

The challenge is still subject to confirmation but with that amount of time and nearly four hundred metres extra on top on the required elevation it looks like McLaughlin has laid down a serious marker.

Having completed the gap for the 64th time he took a few breaths and spoke with Sean McFadden..