Lámhdhéanta – Episode 2 Pottery

Lámhdhéanta [Handmade] is a four part series presented by Mary Brophy that goes in search of some of our forgotten skills and traditions, and tells the stories of the people who practice them in Donegal today. Recording them at work, and getting hands on, the series reveals the depth of history of these skills in the county, the influences that shaped its development and celebrates the passion and skill of the people who, with practice and care, keep these traditions alive in the 21st century. From carving in stone to painstaking weaving work of the iconic Donegal tweed, this series tells the story of a legacy of craft and skill in Donegal. In conversation with artists, archaeologists, folklorists and historians.

Episode 2 - Pottery - Pottery has been made in Ireland for over 4000 years and is the hallmark of settlement in our landscape. From his workshop in St. Johnston Brian Mc Gee continues this ancient tradition and Mary joins him to learn how to work the clay. As we discover how this humble vernacular craft evolved over the centuries as fashion and styles spread across the sea.