Burtonport Festival off, but small event possible in September

The Burtonport Festival, which was to have taken place in July, has been cancelled.

The organisers say they hope to run a small festival with a series of events on a smaller scale from the 25th-27th september.

These plans are dependent on the successful re-opening of the country, and will be reviewed closer to the time, at which poibnt decisions will be made.


Release in full -

After various discussions among the festival committee and closely watching the covid-19 situation within the country we wish to inform the public of the following decisions regarding the 44th Burtonport festival which was due to take place from the 17th-25th july 2020. 

Due to the current situation, this week of festivities will not take place. However it is hoped to run a small festival with a series of events on a smaller scale from the 25th-27th september which may include events like car treasure hunt, ,walks, sea angling, childrens events and local bands.

These plans are based on the successful re-opening of our country following the planed phases by our government, and we will be looking very closely at it as we get nearer to these dates.
If any groups or people who have been involved with the festival over the previous years wish to get in touch regarding the new plans and what events will take place they can do so by contacting Triona on 0860851046 or David on 0866086231.

Our 45th festival year will take place all going well next year from the 16th-24th July 2021.

Finally our last 2 draws in the silver circle will take place live on Facebook at 9pm on Friday June 26th all in accordance with social distance guidelines.