Leaving Cert predictive marking guidelines to be issued today

Schools are due to be issued with detailed guidance on the Leaving Cert's predictive marking system today.

It will set out how teachers will be expected to grade students and the criteria they should use.

The Education Minister Joe McHugh says a students' results won't be based on any single exam including the mocks.

Minister McHugh says they're looking at the issue of how students taking classes outside school will be graded:


Meanwhile, gifts for teachers will be considered as a serious attempt to influence Leaving Cert grades under the new guidelines being issued to schools today.

Teachers will be given a guide to the predictive grading system to be used in this year's state exams.

Any attempt by a student or parent to contact the teacher to discuss estimated marks will be reported to the Department of Education.

It will be judged as a serious attempt to interfere with the fairness and impartiality of a teacher.