Dail told second wave of Coronavirus could hit in the autumn

Planning is underway for a potential second wave of the Coronavirus this autumn that could coincide with flu season.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the virus has been effectively suppressed in the community and the current data is positive.

A decision on whether or not to move to phase two of the plan to ease restrictions will be made on June 5th.

However, Leo Varadkar has warned there is the possibility of a second surge of the virus............

Health Minister Simon Harris has said the reproductive rate of the virus remains stable at around 0.5.

He's also said the government is setting up nursing home expert panel to examine the issues in care settings..................

Simon Harris has been criticised for refusing to attend a Dáil debate on the COVID-19 situation in meat factories.

Simon Harris has cited the latest health advice to politicians which says if someone spends two hours in another person's presence indoors they're considered a close medical contact.

The Minister took part in a two hour Dáil question this afternoon which is ending around now.

Sinn Féin's Matt Carty has criticised Minister Harris for not also attending tonight's debate, saying it's in stark contrast to the conditions those in meat factories are enduring...........