High Court rejects challenge to Coronavirus restrictions

Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters have been refused permission to challenge the emergency legislation that introduced the Covid-19 restrictions.

In opening their case earlier this month, John Waters said Irish citizens were under house arrest, and the restrictions were repugnant to people's constitutional rights.

He and Gemma O'Doherty also raised question marks over death rates, with Ms. O'Doherty claiming the lockdown was based on "fraudulent science".

She also said it was harming people by denying them their right to sunlight and Vitamin D, and accused Gardaí of harassing people on the streets.

Mr. Justice Charles Meenan repeatedly asked her to stop making speeches, and to focus on points of law.

Mr. Waters claimed the restriction of our movement was unprecedented in our history and argued the response to the outbreak was disproportionate.

Previous court appearances attracted a crowd of supporters outside the Four Courts.

Today's judgement was delivered electronically. In ruling against their application for a full judicial review, Mr. J Meenan said their claims weren't arguable.

The pair have already indicated their intention to appeal today's decision.