Garda warning over “undelivered parcel” scam

Gardai in Donegal say the latest scam targeting consumers is capitalising on the fact that more people are shopping online due to the current global pandemic.

In this instance, a phishing email purporting to be from DPD has been sent to a customer in Donegal claiming that the courier was unable to deliver a parcel. The consumer is then prompted to fill out a contact form.

However, according to the DPD website, there are a number of ways to identify a fraudulent email including; poorly written sentences, an impersonal greeting, or a vague email address.

Gardai are warning people to be wary of links contained in emails requesting a small fee to resend the parcel which requires personal or financial details.

As is advised upon receiving similar emails, people are asked to contact the company directly, to not click on the link or provide any personal details, and to simply delete the email.

Gardai in Donegal are also urging people to alert any elderly or vulnerable people to such scams and if you do fall victim to contact Gardai immediately.