Revealed: Donegal spends big on groceries since crisis began


AIB has revealed Donegal consumers spending habits since the impact of Covid-19.

The data has been compiled from transactions between 8th March and 11th April.

Overall, Donegal consumers are spending 15% less than normal since Covid-19 started to impact Ireland, the smallest drop in spending of any county.

However, Donegal consumers are spending 36% more on groceries, which is the second biggest increase in grocery spend after Dublin.

On 12th March when schools closed and people were asked to work from home, grocery spend nationally was 60% higher compared with the previous Thursday as people rushed to buy necessities.

According to the data from AIB, Donegal consumers spent an average of €66 per grocery transaction on this day, compared with an average of only €41 the previous Thursday.

Dublin customers recorded the biggest drop in spending at 21%, while the surrounding counties followed closely.

Donegal recorded the lowest drop in spending at just 12%.