Commissioner wants people in holiday homes to stay put


The Garda Commissioner says people who made it to their holiday homes must now remain there during the COVID19 restrictions.

New powers that allow Gardaí to enforce coronavirus restrictions are now in effect.

The Garda Commissioner Drew Harris says while public cooperation with the guidelines have to far been good, things are starting to slip.

Gardaí are now able to arrest people who refuse to comply.

They could face a 2,500 euro court fine or six months in jail.

Commissioner Harris says the Gardaí will continue to take a community policing approach.

People traveling to holiday homes and are stopped by Gardai will be told to return home.

But Commissioner Harris has a warning for those who have already made it to their destination.

Thousands of checkpoints will be in place nationwide from now until midnight on Monday, to ensure people are not making non-essential journeys.