Significant increase in drug related offences in Donegal


There’s been a significant increase in drug related offences in Donegal.

According to latest figures from the Central Statistics Office for the last quarter of 2019, there has been a 111% increase in drug related offences in the county compared to the same period in 2018.

While drug driving is up 81%.

CSO figures show that controlled drug offences have more than doubled with 60 offences recorded in the final quarter of 2018 compared to 127 during the same period in 2019.

While the number of recorded possession of drugs for sale and supply offences trebled from 9 to 31 and possession of drugs for personal use offences are up 91%.

Driving under the influence of drugs is up 81% and drink driving up 23%.

Meanwhile, there’s been a 5% decrease in burglary related offences which includes aggravated burglary.

Theft related offences including theft of vehicles and the handling of stolen goods are down 10%.

Sexual offences are down almost 30% and the number of recorded rape and sexual assaults is down 25%.