President to air special message on Highland radio at 12 noon


President Michael D Higgins will address the public on Highland Radio and all independent radio stations this afternoon.

The President will give a special uplifting address at midday today in light of Ireland’s current coronavirus crisis.

The address will be broadcasted simultaneously on all 34 of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland's national, multicity, regional and local radio stations.

“Ireland is a nation built on the airwaves and in times of crisis it is to radio that people turn to get the most up to date and reliable information, for entertainment as a reprieve from the stress of our current daily lives and to hear local stories from local voices” said John Purcell, Chairman of the IBI. 

“We are dealing with a global pandemic but our response to it and our recovery from it will be locally based. Every sector of society is suffering as a result of the ongoing impact of Covid-19. President Higgins will today share a message of hope, of positivity, of a resilient people and of a future that we can look forward to.” 

“The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland is proud to be able to play a part in sharing the President’s message with the millions of people who tune in to independent radio every day. We hope that it will let some light into their homes, it will give them hope for the future and the strength to face the many challenges that lie ahead” said Mr Purcell.