Garda warning over people not complying with new measures

Gardai in Donegal have confirmed that they have received a number of reports from concerned members of the public over some neighbours locally not adhering to the public health measures that are in place.

They have re-issued an appeal to everyone to please stay at home.

Gardai have received reports that there are people outside their homes on footpaths in groups chatting to neighbours and friends within their neighbourhood and also reports of children from neighbouring houses outside playing together.

Gardai say these individuals are not complying with the measures that are in place within their own residential areas.

They are reminding the public to only go out for exercise, to work if your work is essential, to care for the elderly or vulnerable, and to get groceries, medicine or other essential duties.

Gardai have acknowledged that keeping children indoors and separated from other children in the neighbourhood is a very hard task but a necessary one as this is a life or death matter.

They are also reminding the public that by staying at home you are saving lives.