Two men jailed for raping ‘blind drunk’ student in Donegal


Two men have been jailed for nine years for raping a student after bringing her back to an apartment in Donegal in February 2015.

The woman, who's now in her 20s, told the jurors during the trial that she was "blind drunk" and about to pass out when she met them.

The trial heard the woman met Ghanaian nationals Boakye Osei of Tooban, Burnfoot and Kelvin Opoku of Cill Graine, Letterkenny on her way home from a night out.

On a scale of one to ten in terms of how drunk she was, she said she was a ten.

She said she got into the car because she thought they were going to take her home. They didn't.

The jury was told they took her back to an apartment, where they both raped her.

Opoku claimed she wasn't too drunk to consent, and that she was an "enthusiastic participant". Osei denied, and continues to deny, having any sexual activity with her.

Following their convictions, the woman said reliving the events during the trial was like reopening an old wound. She also said they'd robbed her of five years of her life

Both were jailed for nine years today. Osei is an Irish citizen, but the court recommended Opoku be deported afterwards.