DYS advises parents to have open conversation about COVID-19

The Donegal Youth Service has put together information for families to help lessen the impact of the current situation.

Donegal Youth Service are advising parents or guardians to have open conversations about Covid-19 and to use simple language and in an age appropriate manner.

The group advise that communication is key at this time.

It is advised not to talk about any financial difficulties in front of your child or discuss concerns over childcare in front of your child.

Be aware that younger children can suffer stress, sadness and anxiety and this can show as ‘sore tummies’, headaches, refusing to eat, disturbed sleep, crying or withdrawn behaviour.

Children may want more of your attention and affection during times of stress, so do your best to hug, play, reassure and talk with them as needed.

Signs of stress, anxiety or sadness in teenagers can be a change in their sleeping and eating habits, mood swings, crying, withdrawing to their room, excess video gaming or anger outbursts.

Talking openly, reassuring and responding as calmly as possible with teenagers can help keep them feeling supported.

Try and get outside as much as possible, in times of social distancing it is still okay to go for walks and get some fresh air

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health contact Donegal Youth Service on 074 9129630 or by email for further guidance or information about available services.