Dublin must challenge British claim to Lough Foyle – Anderson

A Foyle MLA says pressure must be put on the UK Government to drop what she called its baseless territorial claim over Lough Foyle.

Sinn Fein's Martina Anderson was speaking after Stormont’s Agriculture committee received an update on a territorial dispute which has seen both the Dublin and London governments claiming ownership of the Lough.

She says the dispute has created a legislative limbo for the Loughs Agency, which has been unable to implement a robust aquaculture plan on the Lough. As a result, she says twenty million pounds has been lost in licensing revenue, while an upsurge in unregulated oyster catching which is likely to have a damaging impact on the environment and fish stocks.

Martina Anderson says in light of Brexit, the Irish government must step up its claim of juridstiction over the lough.