Lidl invest over €4.1M in Donegal



Lidl Ireland has invested over €4.1 million in local suppliers and external partners in County Donegal over the past year.

The chain employes over 120 employees across 8 stores in the county.

According to the Lidl Ireland's 2019 Impact Report, over €4.1 million has been invested with local suppliers and external partners in Donegal.

The chain's partnership with FoodCloud saw 20,344 meals donated to Foodcloud charities in the region.

The initiative also works to reduce food waste and last year, the national partnership diverted 230,699 kgs of food from being sent to landfill and saving 738,237 units of CO2.

Donegal equated for 3.7% of this total, diverting 8,544kgs of food from landfill and saving 27,342 units of CO2.

Stores in Donegal in 2019 also raised €18,936 for the charity Jigsaw.

While eight local LGFA clubs were awarded jerseys and equipment through the Lidl LGFA Club partnership.