Donegal ranks lowest in disposable income again


People living in Donegal have less disposable income than anywhere else in the country.

Recent figures released by the Central Statistics Office show that the disposable income per person in the county was 15,662 euro in 2017.

The data shows that people who reside in Donegal continue to earn considerably less than other parts of the country.

Donegal's figure for average disposable income in 2017 was 24% lower than the State average of 20,714 euro.
Roscommon, the next lowest county, has 1,677 euro more in disposable income.

The average disposable income in Donegal was more than a third higher than Donegal's.

In neighbouring counties, Sligo had an average disposable income of 18,451 euro while Leitrim's figure was 18,115 euro.

Donegal has had the lowest disposable income per person every year since 2005.