Warning over burning vegetation as bird breeding cycle underway


BirdWatch Ireland is reminding the Donegal public that, under the Wildlife Act 1967, as amended, it is prohibited to cut, burn or otherwise destroy vegetation not then cultivated as of Sunday 1st March and August 31st, except in the case of any of the derogations permitted under the Wildlife Act.

The restrictions on the destruction of vegetation are in place in order to allow birds to undertake their breeding cycle.

This means the cutting of hedgerows and the burning of gorse and other vegetation are prohibited during the period of March 1st and August 31st.

All wild birds are protected under national and EU law, especially during breeding periods.

There have been calls from some elected officials for hedge cutting to be allowed in March, but Bird Watch Ireland reject this call on the basis that it is reckless and goes against the calls of many in the farming circles.

Bird Watch Ireland have stressed that hedge-cutting is already fully permitted in cases of road safety concerns.