People don’t want another election – McConalogue

A Donegal Deputy says he doesn't believe there is an appetite for another general election, but it will take several weeks to put a government together.

Deputy Charlie McConalogue, who is now the sole Fianna Fail TD in Donegal, says between Sinn Fein, smaller parties, and independents, there are 87 deputies, and they must be given space to discuss government formation.

There are question marks over whether any such combination can provide a stable government, and today's Nine til Noon Show, Deputy Mc Conalogue was asked if Fianna Fail would enter into a coalition with Fine Gael, or revisit it's decision not to coalesce with Sinn Fein.

He told Greg Hughes that none of the alternatives appeal to him, and stressed that the swing to Sinn Fein and the left was the predominant story of the election.........