Donegal fire service mobilised almost 1000 times in 2019


The Fire Service in Donegal was mobilised 971 times during in 2019, and responded to 819 Fire Brigade incidents.

The figures are part of a briefing made to councillors at Municipal District level this month.

As well as 971 mobilisations of the Donegal Fire Service over the course of 2019, the Northern Ireland
Fire and Rescue Service mobilised into Donegal on 92 occasions over the year.

There were 189 Fire Safety Certificate applications received, with 152 decisions made, and requests for further information made in relation to 31 others.

Eight applications were made for Dangerous Substance Licences, with two licences issued, while 12 notices were received under the Explosives Act.

253 inspections and audits were carried out, and 14 Fire Safety complaints were received, all of which were dealt with.

The report acknowledges that there are no water tankers in Donegal to ferry water to fire brigade incidents where water supplies may be limited or non-existent.

A specification is currently being drafted for a new 10,000 litre water tanker, with that project expected to go to tender later this year.