GE20: Voters take to the polls


Polling stations have opened across the country for today's general election.

Voters are taking to the polls in what's the first Saturday election since 1918.

Polling stations are open across the country with people casting their ballots in election 2020.

Stations will stay open until 10pm this evening.

You don't need to bring your polling card with you to vote but you will need to bring official ID like a passport, drivers licence or Garda age card.

If you are vocally supporting one particular candidate do not wear any badges, jackets, flags or any other paraphernalia that supports one candidate or another to the polling station.

Campaigning within 50 metres of a voting centre is not allowed.

Polling stations are a no camera zone as well, so no selfies or taking photos of your vote.

It could lead to a fine or a spoiling of your vote.

Fill out your ballot with number 1 next to your favourite candidate, number 2 next to your second favourite, and so on down the ballot.

If there's someone your really, really don't want elected, you should leave their box blank.

Filling the boxes with a tick or an X, writing on the ballot or including anything that would identify you may lead to your vote being spoiled.

Polling centres will be open until 10pm this evening.