Gardai in Letterkenny crackdown on drug driving


Robbery, 92, Inch

Gardai in Letterkenny have made an appeal to the public after three drivers were caught driving under the influence of drugs on Saturday night.

The drivers were caught with cocaine and cannabis in their systems after roadside tests were conducted by the Roads Policing Unit.

Meanwhile Gardai in Ballyshannon arrested a driver on suspicion of drink driving after they crashed coming off a slip road onto the N15 bypass in Ballyshannon and failed a roadside breath test.

Ambulance crews attended the scene as did the Fire Brigade.

Gardai confirmed that there were a couple of passengers in the car but nobody was hurt.

The arrests prompted Gardai to issue an appeal:

When will the message hit home? Do lives have to be lost in order for some people to listen? It is never ever ok to drive under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Please do not wait until it is too late to take this message on board!