84% of patients report “good or very good” experience at LUH

The results of the 2019 National Inpatient Experience Survey have been published, with 84% of patients said that they had a 'good' or a 'very good' experience at Letterkenny University Hospital. That was in line with the national average.

335 patients from the hospital participated in the 2019 survey, a response rate of 44%.

There were concerns, with many patients said that the staff treating and examining them did not introduce themselves and did not always wear name badges. Some patients said that they did not always get help to eat their meals if required.

In terms of admissions, 101 respondents (39%) said they were admitted
to a ward within six hours of arriving at the emergency department, while 144 respondents (55%) reported waiting between six and 24 hours.

15 respondents (6%) said that they waited 24 hours or more before being admitted to a ward, three of them waited more than 48

Patients who had long waiting times did not always say they had a negative overall experience.

In line with the Letterkenny figure, 70 per cent of people in Emergency Departments aren't admitted to a ward within the HSE's own six hour target.

Nationally, any of the survey's 12,000 participants felt they weren't being given enough information about their treatment or discharge.

HSE CEO Paul Reid is promising to reduce waiting times..............

The full report for Letterkenny University Hospital can be read HERE

The hospital's response can be read HERE