Brexit document outlines “Worst-Case Assumptions”

Papers outlining the British Government's worst-case assumptions in the event of a no-deal Brexit have been published.

The so-called Operation Yellowhammer document was released late last night following repeated requests for its disclosure by MPs.

Food shortages, queues at ports, and "significant" electricity price rises.

They're among what the UK government's calling "reasonable worst-case assumptions" of a no-deal Brexit.

They're contained in official documents - called Operation Yellowhammer - which a group of MPs fought to get released.

The six page papers warns of public disorder and panic-buying from the 1st of November.

Delays at Channel crossings could last three months while it's predicting possible shortages of medicine and food supplies.

It also says low-income groups would be "disproportionately affected" by price rises.

Labours shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer has called for the British parliament to be recalled to scrutinise the documents.