West Tyrone MLA will refuse to display GB sticker post Brexit


A West Tyrone MLA says he will refuse to display a GB sticker on his vehicle after Brexit.

It was announced earlier this week that all UK-registered cars, including Northern Ireland will need to display the sticker while driving in the Republic of Ireland post Brexit.

The British Government is advising that all UK-registered cars driving in the EU must display a GB sticker when in any EU country.

Motorists from the UK driving in the Republic of Ireland are already advised to display the badge but the rule has not be enforced.

However, after Brexit motorists will be forced to display the sticker, a white oval shape and contains the letters GB on the rear of their vehicle.

This applies to drivers in Northern Ireland as well and to dirvers even if their number plate already included the GB logo.

West Tyrone MLA Maoliosa McHugh in response says that he will most certainly not be adoring the GB sticker on his car.

He says many others like himself drive from Strabane to Lifford and other parts of Donegal on a daily basis.

Mr McHugh says the British Government cannot dictate what anyone sticks or doesn't stick on their car when driving in the Republic of Ireland........