Dramatic increase in ED patients at Letterkenny University Hospital

Saolta has confirmed that over 150 people attended the Emergency Department at Letterkenny University Hospital on three consecutive days this week - this is around 40% more than usual.

Following the high attendances, the hospital has admitted a significant number of ill patients, many of whom remain in the ED awaiting a bed.

Actions underway in the hospital to alleviate the waiting times for patients requiring hospital admission include additional reviews, early discharges and deferral of elective non urgent procedures.

Management are reminding the public to attend the Emergency Department only in the case of real emergencies and they should contact their GP or GP Out-of-Hours service in the first instance.

Hospital management regrets the inconvenience and distress the long delays cause patients and their families.

The hospital prioritises those in most need of care and this unfortunately may lead to delays for less urgent patients.