Donegal Town awarded winner of Foodie Towns 2019


Donegal Town has been awarded winner of Foodie Towns 2019.

Meanwhile, The Food Coast Donegal has been announced as third place in Foodie Destinations 2019 being tipped to the post by Waterford as the winner.

Donegal Town has been announced as the winning Foodie Town 2019.

The Foodie Town Award is given to towns or villages where Tourism is a primary component of the local culture and economy.

Commenting on Donegal Town, the judges said there was a great variety of dining experiences, in addition to the hospitality and knowledgeability of the locals, and they also thought it was a clever idea to use the platform of the Wild Atlantic Way to help them stand out as a place to visit

In the Foodie Destinations 2019, Waterford has been hailed the winner with The Food Coast Donegal coming in in third place.

The award is an initiative run by the Restaurants Association of Ireland in which votes from the public are combined with a score from a judging visit to decide the overall winner.