Improvement for ‘moderately littered’ Bundoran in IBAL survey


Ireland is contributing to the global problem of plastic pollution.

An in-depth study of our coasts and waterways shows just 16 percent are clean.

The study of 42 areas was carried out by Irish Business Against Litter and revealed that popular tourists spots like Bundoran in Dingle in Kerry were littered.

However, the survey did find Bundoran Beach improving from ‘littered’ 12 months ago to ‘moderately littered’, alongside Killybegs harbour.

While the majority of our towns are clean, our beaches and waterways are not - and business group IBAL says for an island like Ireland, plastic can easily wind its way to the sea, irrespective of where it's dropped.

The group studied litter levels at over 40 beaches, rivers and harbours and found only 1 in 6 were 'clean', while 14% were classed as 'littered' or 'heavily littered'.

IBAL's Conor Horgan says litter which traditionally concerned tourism and business, now has a global significance for our very survival, adding that when it comes to marine litter - the sea starts at our own front door.