British government defiant following leaked Brexit report

Boris Johnson is under mounting pressure to recall the British Parliament following a leaked government report.

Operation Yellowhammer gives an insight into the UK's preparedness for a no-deal Brexit.

The document, which was leaked over the weekend, addresses the immediate impacts of a crash out Brexit, including the movement of goods and people, food supplies, healthcare, border checks, and a hard border in Ireland.

But now, 10 Downing Street is trying to play down the report.

Boris Johnson is heading to Berlin and Paris to call for a new Brexit agreement and is expected to reiterate to both Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron that Britain will leave on October 31st.

Some British MPs say they'll block a withdrawal without an agreement, and Jeremy Corbyn claims he'll bring a vote of no confidence in the government to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Michael Gove though - who is in charge of no deal preparations - says it's time they all give up............

It's been 1,152 days since Britain voted to leave the EU, and with 73 days until the deadline, the potentially dire aftershocks of a no-deal outcome have become a lot clearer now that they're in a black and white.