Report says arson attacks affecting direct provision

An expenditure report on direct provision and related services says arson attacks on accommodation earmarked for direct provision centres has possibly made many owners reluctant to offer their properties.

The report published today by the Department of Justice says; at present, procuring accommodation centres is proving difficult for Reception and Integration Agency due to a number of factors.

The report also highlights the fact that recent fire setting incidents in proposed new centres has possibly affected the market interest in service provision and increased insurance costs within the sector.

The Caiseal Mara Hotel in Moville was earmarked to house 100 asylum seekers in December last year.

However, an arson attack on the premises resulted in the reception area of the hotel being badly affected by the fire in the early hours of November 25th.

The owner of the property was also injured during the incident.

The report published by the Department of Justice also says the outcome of Brexit has the potential to further increase the pressures and costs on Direct Provision.

Link to the full report available here.