Precautionary works to take place at Letterkenny Educate Together NS

As part of the remediation programme for 40 schools constructed by Western Building Systems, the Education Minister has confirmed that temporary remediation and precautionary measures are being undertaken at Letterkenny Educate Together National School.

Seventeen schools, including Letterkenny Educate Together National School are included in the second phase of the remediation programme and have undergone detailed assessments over recent weeks.

Minister Joe McHugh says engineers have advised that some permanent remediation work is required in each of these schools.

In the interim however, some temporary engineering solutions and other precautionary measures are being put in place in some parts of some of these school buildings.

He says school principals and patrons in all 40 schools are being briefed on progress of the remediation programme.

A programme of initial structural assessments was carried out in October and November 2018 at 42 schools constructed by Western Building Systems.

The initial assessments resulted in precautionary measures being put in place at 22 schools, the partial closure of one school building with the remaining 19 schools cleared to open in full initially without any precautionary measures as an interim response.