‘Worrying amount’ not wearing seatbelts in Strabane area

Police in Strabane have issued a stark warning over what they described as a worrying amount of motorists and passengers not wearing seatbelts.

In a statement police say that some motorists are deliberately bypassing their vehicle warning systems by plugging the seatbelt in and feeding it behind their seats while others ignore the audible and visual warnings.

They are reminding those caught failing to wear a seatbelt and consequently breaking the law will be issued tickets and three penalty points.

Police are warning that they have no discretion when it comes to this; such is the importance of seatbelt use.

Even if you are alone in the car, police warn that failing to wear a seatbelt can still impact on others.

The statement concludes that a motorist's ability to help others in a collision is also greatly reduced if they have neglected to use their seatbelt with police making a final plea to everyone to please use their seatbelt.