Murphy wants Rochford, McGee and McGlynn to stick with Donegal

Michael Murphy, GAA, Highland Radio, Sport, Letterkenny, Donegal
Photo Geraldine Diver

Donegal captain Michael Murphy hopes to see Stephen Rochford and a number of the older guard remain with the county for next year.

The July GAA/GPA Player of the Month wants the former Mayo boss Rochford to help continue with the good work going forward.

He told “We'd be very hopeful as a group of players, we definitely want him to stay."

“He's top class. He's responded well to the whole group and the group, by and large, have responded well to him too. He just challenges everybody and pushed buttons. It comes from that outside type of thing which has been positive. We'd be hopeful but we know the commitment is massive for him. You'd still want him involved next year without a doubt.”

Murphy also believes the more experienced members of the panel, namely Frank McGlynn and Neil McGee, who are perhaps considering taking leave of the inter-county scene, will go back to the well for another year.

“Everyone speaks about Frank and Neil as two of the older statesmen but they're still relatively fresh. The two boys were disappointed to pick up the injuries that they picked up this year and not to be able to contribute to the same degree that they wanted at the ‘Super 8’ stage.

“I know that within the dressing room they are two huge figures. They have younger souls at heart and are able to respond - they know the chat and the lingo with the younger lads. They're still huge part of the whole thing. I'd be hopeful that they'd be mad hungry to get back again next and give it another lash.”