571 Dwellings added to Donegal’s residential building stock


571 new dwellings in Donegal were added to the GeoDirectory database in the twelve months to June 2019, according to the latest GeoView Residential Buildings Report, prepared by EY-DKM Economic Advisory on behalf of GeoDirectory.

The report shows that 264 buildings were under construction in Donegal in June 2019.

There were 1,368 residential property transactions in Donegal, in the twelve months to April 2019, with an average price of €122,953. 12.2% of these were for new properties.

Letterkenny is the town with the highest average property price in the county.
The county with the lowest average property price was Longford at €115,330, followed by neighbouring counties Leitrim and Donegal.

The vacancy rate in Donegal in June 2019 stood at 10.4%, higher than the national average of 4.8%.

Counties in the north-west of the country recorded the highest vacancy rates with Donegal (10.4%) featuring in the top five.

The report found that there were 111 derelict buildings in urban areas in Donegal.