Serious assault in Strabane prompts appeal from police


Police in Strabane are appealing to the public to report all incidents to police to allow for investigations to be carried out and those responsible for criminal acts brought before the courts.

Its after they became aware of an article in a local newspaper reporting details of a serious assault on a local man in recent days.

Inspector Martin Mullan says the incident was not reported to Police however, through enquiries conducted, the victim has been identified and police are following definite lines of enquiry.

Police have also viewed a video of the incident that shows a number of people assaulting an older man in the Eden Terrace area of the town on the evening of Friday July 12th.

They say the victim was not seriously injured but stressed that it could have been much more serious.

Inspector Mullan says the fact the incident was not reported to police is a worrying concern and he has appealed to the local people of Strabane to report all incidents in order for them to be investigated thoroughly.

Anyone who has any information relating to the incident on Friday July 12th is asked to contact officers in Strabane.