Cabinet to consider plans to limit damage of no-deal Brexit

The cabinet will consider updated plans to limit the damage of a no-deal Brexit this morning.

Tánaiste Simon Coveney is bringing three memos to Government updating contingency plans.

Twice already everyone has marched up to the cliff edge of a no-deal Brexit in March and April - and twice it's been delayed when the EU granted an extension.

But there's much less appetite for a third delay with the Taoiseach warning that EU leaders are fed up of stalling things.

With that in mind, and the election of a new Prime Minister in the UK, a no-deal Brexit is now, according to the government, more likely than it's ever been.

Much of the legislative heavy lifting has already been done by the Oireachtas to prepare for no deal - and the documents this morning will make further tweaks to the plans already outlined.

The government is also likely to outline a communications strategy to make sure different sectors know how a no-deal crash out would likely impact them.

It comes ahead of a Dáil debate on the issue later in the week.