Tánaiste warns of significant chance of no-deal Brexit


The Tánaiste has warned there's now a significant chance of a no-deal Brexit in October.

Simon Coveney will bring updated contingency plans to his cabinet colleagues tomorrow.

The Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney says the government now thinks there's a significant chance of a no-deal Brexit.

Writing in this morning's Irish Times Mr Coveney says he'll bring updated contingency plans from the last cliff edge deadlines to cabinet tomorrow, ahead of a Dáil debate later in the week.

He's re-stated Ireland's commitment to the backstop in the Brexit withdrawal agreement, and hit inaccurate commentary in the UK during the Tory leadership race.

The Tánaiste says one of the biggest threats to Ireland is the boy who cried wolf effect - where people assume because no-deal was avoided in March and April that it will happen again.

Most of the emergency legislation needed for no-deal has already been passed by the Dáil - but as it prepares to enter the summer recess after this week, and with a new British Prime Minister about to be elected, this is a clear message from the government that Ireland's position is not up for re-negotiation.