Hogan defends Mercosur deal as calls grow for it to be scrapped


Another Midlands North West MEP is calling for the Mercosur trade deal to be scrapped immediately.

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan believes the EU trade agreement with South America would be devastating for the environment.The deal would allow 99-thousand tonnes of beef to be exported to Europe every year.

Mr. Flanagan is particularly concerned about farming practices in South America, calling the deforestation of land for pasturing a catastrophe..............


However, the Agriculture Commissioner says the deal creates the potential for a significant increase in exports not just for Irish food and dairy producers but for many other businesses as well.

Phil Hogan claims the deal will support over 110,000 jobs in rural Ireland, and offer export opportunities for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, electrical equipment and medical devices sectors.

He says Ireland currently has a trade surplus with the four Mercosur countries, and this deal will see that surplus increase.................