Issues of non-compliance found at local nursing home

The health watchdog has found a number of issues of non-compliances at Hillcrest Nursing Home in Letterkenny.

The inspection was carried out in March and details of the report were published today.

Inspectors found that the directory of residents required improvement in line as it was not updated to reflect all admissions and transfers to the centre.

A number of residents' contracts were reviewed and they were observed to contain a written agreement between the centre and the individual resident.

However, they did not consistently provide details of the terms of accommodation to be provided and in some cases did not reflect that the resident had been transferred from another centre.

A risk management policy was in place, however some areas required improvement to ensure that all risks and potential risks were identified and control measures put in place.

Although good fire safety procedures and staff training were in place, improvement was also required to demonstrate that testing/servicing of fire alarm system and doors, lighting and detectors was carried out.

In addition, clarity was required on the emergency plan to ensure the emergency response arrangements in place were adequate and clear to staff. Staff training records and those spoken with confirmed attending fire safety training and were aware of the procedures.

There were also some medical assessments incomplete for some residents on admission as required by the Regulations.

Link to full report here: