CAO Change of Mind deadline today


Students are being reminded to get their application in for the CAO Change of Mind deadline later today.

They're also being encouraged to take on STEM subjects in college.

The CAO Change of Mind Deadline is looming for Leaving Cert students at a quarter past 5 this evening.

It gives them the chance to add, remove or change the order of their course choices.

The CAO is advising them to think carefully about introducing new courses or changing their order of preference at this stage in the application process.

They're being asked to always remember to place their course choices in genuine order of preference.

The Head of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition Mari Cahalane is urging students to think about choosing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Students are asked to carefully check their application and ensure all of the course codes are correct and listed in order of preference before the quarter past 5 deadline this evening.