Irish Water discusses plans to improve coastal waters around Moville


Irish Water has met with the Community for a Clean Estuary group and public representatives to discuss plans to improve coastal waters around Moville and rid beaches of sanitary waste.

At present Moville has no municipal wastewater treatment facilities and the discharge of untreated wastewater into the Bredagh River has seen it classified as being ‘Seriously Polluted’ by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Irish Water says it plans to build a wastewater treatment plant in Moville to ensure that untreated wastewater is no longer discharged in the river and lough will involve the decommissioning of more than 15 temporary treatment plants in housing developments in Moville and allow for applications to be made to connect them to the public sewer.

The utility says representatives at yesterday's meeting, dispelled the myth that discharges from the new treatment plant would pollute the coastline and destroy the beaches.

It says the new treatment plant will dramatically improve the water quality along the coastline ensuring the beaches are protected from wastewater pollution.

The utility confirmed storm water will not be discharged from the proposed Carnagarve site to Lough Foyle. All storm water management will take place at the proposed River Row pumping station site.

Elected officials expressed their disappointment at Greencastle not being included in the current scope of the project. Irish Water advised that Moville is currently one of the highest priority schemes and that the current design will enable the connection of Greencastle at a future date.