Dáil returns today


The Dáil returns today with just a month until the chamber rises for the summer.

With Brexit legislation and the elections out of the way attention will turn to getting as much legislation as possible passed by the summer break.

Most of the last few months in the Dáil have been dominated by a few big ticket issues - notably Brexit, the National Children's Hospital and the National Broadband Plan.

And recent elections overshadowed the business of the house with most TDs and Senators knocking on doors around the country more often than they were in Leinster House.

But there's now only 15 sitting days before the Dáil rises for an almost two month summer break.

And there's quite a backlog of legislation to get through in that time.

The government is hoping to get a number of bills through including the laws for the tribunal around cervical check, gender pay gap legislation and the laws to establish the rainy day fund.

Alongside that there's plenty of other political issues to be dealt with.

This week alone child homelessness, the overruns at the Children's Hospital and the cost of the broadband plan will take up Oireachtas time - along with statements on Northern Ireland, examination of whether the government is handling the public finances correctly - and what to do about the fact bees are dying off.

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