Municipal District AGMs to take place this week

Following the Annual General Meeting of Donegal County Council in Lifford on Friday last, the council's five Municipal Districts will hold their AGMs on Friday morning next to elect Chairs and Vice Chairs for the year ahead.

The county council's meeting saw the implementation of an inclusive pact, under which Cllr Nicholas Crossan was appointed Cathaoirleach, and Cllr Niamh Kennedy Leas-Cathaoirleach.

Better services for the people of Donegal are being sought, with six new committees being formed to oversee Mica Redress, Brexit, Fisheries, Agriculture, Emergency Planning, and Health.

Economic development and growth are also at the core of the pact.

In his acceptance speech after being elected at Friday's AGM, Cathaoirleach Cllr Nicholas Crossan said the cornerstone of the discussions which led to the all inclusive pact was cooperation to ensure that Donegal's growth potential is maximised.

He said that will be the driving force behind all the council's business in the current term, and will also govern the working relationship between the members and the executive.

He said elsewhere in the country, there is sometimes tension between councillors who determine policy and officials who implement it.

That, he said, is not the case in Donegal.................

The creation of six new committees reflecting the issues that came up on the canvass is at the core of the new pact, with all parties saying they want to act on the issues that were raised.

CEO Seamus Neeley says it's very clear that the people are being listened to, and that's to be welcomed..........