Foyle MP calls on Irish Government to announce funding for NW

There are calls on the Irish Government to announce a funding package for the North West.

Foyle MP Elisha McCallion is urging the Government to support the economic regeneration of the North West.

She says while the commitment of a £105 million funding package from the British Government for the city deal and inclusive growth deal for the north west is a welcome first step more is needed..

The Foyle MP says; In particular, what is needed is for the Irish government to provide financial support, as promised, to support the redevelopment of the region as a whole.

Ms McCallion says she has had a number of meetings with the Taoiseach and Tánaiste to discuss the need for this funding to help unlock the economic potential of this region.

She believes the Irish government has an important part to play and is now urging them to make a significant contribution to the inclusive growth deal package.