Education Minister announces major SNA recruitment drive


Almost 800 new special needs assistant posts are being rolled out to schools this coming September.

Education Minister Joe Mchugh has made the announcement today.

Minister Joe McHugh says special needs assistants are vital to the work of a school.

About 37 and a half thousand pupils with additional care needs will be supported by SNA's in the coming school year.

Almost 800 new special needs assistant posts are being being allocated to schools for September.

Minister McHugh's paying credit to the fantastic work that they do.

And as the need for more additional supports is confirmed in the early weeks of the school year, up to 130 additional posts are expected to come on stream by December.

It means there'll be up to 15,950 special needs assistants working in schools by the end of 2019.

This is a 51 per cent increase on the number of SNAs who were working in schools in 2011, when the figure stood at just over 10 and a half thousand.

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