Go ahead given for National Broadband Plan

The government has officially given the go ahead for the National Broadband Plan.

A preferred bidder for the contract has been appointed to roll out high speed internet access to 1.1 million people.

Cabinet approved the plan after a much longer than expected meeting - which may suggest all was not rosy around the table.

We know the Department of Public Expenditure hasn't always been convinced the 3 billion euro price tag for the project is good value for money.

But officials in the Department of Communications have looked at other plans and think this is the right choice - and that other options would have cost more and taken longer.

It means high speed broadband will be rolled out to every home and business in the country.

The first new homes will be connected in 2020 - but some may have to wait years to be on the grid.

In the first year of the plan 300 Broadband Connection Points will be set up around the country - meaning while people might not have broadband in their own home, they'll have somewhere close they can go to work - reducing the need to travel to big urban areas to get connection.

But there is still disquiet over the price, as we wait on the official announcement from government.