Police offer anonymity for witnesses in Lyra McKee probe


A renewed appeal for information has been issued as the investigation into the murder of journalist Lyra McKee continues.

Police say for the purpose of this investigation, in conjunction with the Public Prosecution Service, witnesses will be granted anonymity.

29 year old Lyra McKee was shot dead by a dissident republican group on April 18th in the Creggan area of Derry.

The PSNI have now appealed to anyone who may have any information regarding the murder to come forward.

They say they understand that for some, fear and intimidation feel very real.

Police believe there are people out there that know the gunman and his associates, what happened before and after the shots were fired.

Its been confirmed that anonymity will be provided to witnesses of the murder and the activities of the gunman. Witnesses will be referred to as Witness A, B, C etc and identities will only be revealed to the PPS.

Police say witnesses may not be required to give evidence in court but if they are maximum protection will be requested which includes; anonymity, giving evidence via video link, from behind screens and with voice distortion.